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The application of materials with high thermal mass or PCMs for heat storage in buildings

Building materials with a high thermal mass or phase change materials (PCMs) can be used for heat storage in buildings e.g. to prevent their overheating in summer as well as energy saving for cooling. In presentation the results of experimental studies carried out in 3 terraced rooms with windows facing south located at the Centre for Sustainable Building and Energy (CSBE) in The Science and Technology Park in Nowy Kisielin was shown. The rooms were designed to be identical, except for the walls and roof, which were made of PCM (Room E),  reinforced concrete (Room B), light timber-framed system (Room D – reference). The main aim of the study was to compare the influence of PCM and reinforced concrete on the summer thermal performance of a room in an existing building without additional night ventilation in temperate climate. In addition, it aimed to test whether this effect depends on duration and severity of the heat waves. Results and conclusions were included in presentation entitled: “The impact of wall and roof material on summer thermal performance of building in a temperate climate”.

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