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Sustainable building engineering

This material presents basic information about sustainable building engineering: the definition, basic objectives, main assumptions, actions to be taken by all major entities in the building engineering sector for sustainable development.

Building engineering plays an important role in the concept of sustainable development from the point of view of its environmental sustainability outcome. It is increasingly expected to subordinate structural, material, technological and installation solutions to sustainable development principles. According to these principles, newly designed buildings should minimise the consumption of energy and natural resources throughout their life cycle, so that the burden on the external environment is minimised.

The material presents the LCA technique, i.e. life cycle assessment, which is used to examine the environmental aspects and potential impacts during the entire life cycle of the product, from the acquisition or production of raw material from natural resources through production, use, to final disposal.

Thinking in terms of the product life cycle, the construction process or the entire facility is an important element supporting the decision making process when selecting specific material, technological, constructional solutions.

The ecological aspect is another important issue, besides the economic one, durability, usability, which should be taken into account when designing energy efficient buildings.

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