Projekt Energie


Equipment and arrangements of energy storage and Power to Gas systems

Hydrogen technologies

  • Hydrogen generation
  • Transportation and storage of hydrogen
  • Reconversion of hydrogen

Power to Gas

  • Power-to-Gas (P2G) is a so-called “power-to-x” technology: power-to-heat, power-to-chemical, power-to-liquid, vehicle-to-grid.
  • P2G is a prerequisite for sector coupling in the energy sector: electricity-heating, electricity-gas, electricity-chemicals, electricity-fuel, etc.
  • P2G uses surplus power from renewable sources: " throw-away current".
  • The principle of P2G technology: Water is split into hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis, hydrogen can be generated from wind, solar or hydro and can be stored as gas in the natural gas network.
  • In a second step, hydrogen can be converted into synthetic methane (CH4 also called renewable or green natural gas) using carbon dioxide.

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